New Manual Kit Power Pack

For Those Who Use A Manual Chair, This Is The Perfect Solution .

This Kit Replaces Our Original Battery And Charger, And
Comes With A Handy Storage Pouch, Which Attaches Beneath The Wheelchair Seat.

This New Power Supply Has A Redesigned Interface (adapter) Which Incorporates The Switching Connection.

Here Is A Mini Emptier Manual Kit Wiring.
The Battery Has Been Replaced With A Power Bank Which Can Be Charged In Any USB Outlet, ie. iPad Charger Or Computer.

The Power Bank Should Power A Mini or Pinch Emptier For Approximately 2 Weeks Between Recharging. Depending On Frequency And Duration Of Use.

When The Power Bank Reaches The End Of Its Useful Life, It Can Be Replaced Locally With A Power Bank Of Equal Rating.

Manual Chair Kits
Web Price
(Details) Power Pack Only $382.67
Battery Pack Only
(Details) Mini Emptier Kit $898.54
Mini Emptier Manual Kit
(Details) Pinch Emptier Kit $923.50
Pinch Emptier Manual Kit

All Prices Are In Canadian Dollars

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