Upgrade Power Supply

For Those Who Currently Use An Older Manual Kit, You May Want To Upgrade To This Light Weight Power Supply.
This Upgrade Comes With A 6000mAh Power Bank, And A Special Adapter, Which Replace Your Heavy Battery and Charger.
The 5Volts Supplied By The Power Bank Is converted To 12V Via The Adapter.
The Power Bank Should Power A Mini or Pinch Emptier For More Than 2 Weeks Between Recharging.
The Beauty Of this System Is That It Can Be Charged By Any USB Charger
Such As A Computer, or An iPad Charger.

When The Power Bank Reaches The End Of Its Useful Life,
It Can Be Replaced Locally With A Power Bank Of Equal Rating.

Upgrade Your Old System
Web Price
(Details) Upgrade Power Supply $172.00
Battery Pack Only

All Prices Are In Canadian Dollars

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