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History and Facts about our Products

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Our first legbag emptier was developed for a friend, Terry LeBlanc, in 1987. After trying several commercially available models he found they inevitably failed due to corrosion.
The demand for our emptiers grew over the years due to exposure from his visits for treatment at various spinal cord injury facilities, and his persistant efforts to promote greater independence for the community. That is when our first company was formed under the name of Maritime Medical.

Assistive Designs was opened as a result of recent renewed interest in the emptiers by local OTs. Because of the tremendous freedom and health benefits this product offers the user, I decided to embark on an aggressive promotional campaign to make as many people as possible aware of its existence.

The Facts

This product can pay for itself in a short period of time through reduced attendant costs. It gives most users the ability to come and go at will, without planning when someone will be available to empty their leg bag or having to be back home in time for attendant care. This also means being able to seriously consider going out to work, school, or shopping.

We believe our emptiers are the best on the market. These emptiers are rugged, and very easy to maintain. They are very reliable when the proper maintenance routine is followed. Our New Standard Emptier has a flow rate of approx. 1 litre/40 seconds, during normal operation. The New Standard Emptier can be mounted on a foot plate with or without drilling holes.

The emptiers can be controlled by a number of methods . The most popular is our small, low profile, single momentery push button switch, which comes in two styles, round and square. A two button control box is also available. Both of these buttons are push on/off and help lessen the chance of unplanned emptying. The 2 button box Velcros to the side of the wheelchairs hand controller. Toggle switches are also available.

The emptiers can also be controlled by most enviromental controllers (ECU) or (IOM) using a direct connection. Always check your controllers specifications before ordering.

We are currently working on a Bluetooth controlled unit. This will be a major step foreward to eliminating the need for wires.

All electrical circuits are protected by a fuse, either with an inline holder, or internally with our R-Net and Power Bank Adapters. The power comes directly from the wheelchairs batteries, or with R-Net equipped chairs, from the R-Net power buss. An optional Power Bank and Adapter is available for manual chairs. The emptiers wiring attaches to the chair not the user.

Each emptier kit comes with complete installation and maintenance instructions, Velcro, plastic fasteners, screws, and a spare fuse.

All parts and workmanship is warranted for a period of one year.

We will ship anywhere in the world that common couriers and national postal services go. All shipping costs are extra and will vary depending on destination, method of shipping, and urgency. You are responsible for all customs, importation regulations and duty charges levied by your country.

Dr. W. Charlton

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