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Front And Side View of
Standard Emptier Installation

  • This Rugged Emptier Mounts Neatly And Securely On The Edge Of Your Foot Pedal,
    Yet Is Easily Removed When Necessary.
  • This QUALITY PRODUCT Is Very Low Maintenance.
  • Our Use Of Superior Components Means Many Years Of Reliable Service.
  • The Leg Bag Emptier Can Pay For Itself In A Few Weeks Through Savings In Attendant Care Costs.
  • A One Litre Leg Bag Empties In Approximately One Minute !!!
  • Can Be Powered From Your Wheelchair Batteries Or Our Optional Battery Pack.
  • It May Not Be The Prettiest Emptier On The Market But It Sure Is Dependable.

Standard Emptier Kits
List Price Web Price
(Details) Basic Kit $584.40 $547.29
Standard Emptier Basic Kit
(Details) Manual Kit $948.00 $887.80
Standard Emptier Manual Kit
(Details) Ultrasound Kit $709.20 $664.17
Standard Emptier Ultrasound Kit
All Prices Are In Canadian Dollars

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