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Pinch Style Emptier 

Pinch Style Emptier

This Is Our Top Of The Line Emptier
Pictured Above Is A Pinch Emptier On A Manual Chair
You Will Enjoy Many Years Of Dependable Service With This Emptier.
As You Can See From The Above Picture, The Tube Is Being Pinched.
This Means That, During Normal Use, No Liquid Enters The Mechanical Parts.
The Only Maintenance is Rinsing Out The Tubing And Wiping The Exterior.
Special Silicone Tubing Is Included.

A Support Band Is Included With Each Kit

Pinch Emptier Kits
List Price Web Price
(Details) Basic Kit $777.60 $728.22
Pinch Emptier Basic Kit
(Details) Manual Kit $1,090.80 $1,021.53
Pinch Emptier Manual Kit
(Details) Ultrasound Kit $951.60 $891.17
Pinch Emptier Ultrasound Kit
All Prices Are In Canadian Dollars

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