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New Products

Mini Emptier Support Band * 

Here Is Our Mini Emptier Support Band *
For Those Who Prefer To Have Their Mini Emptier Supported Our
Band Is The Perfect Answer. The Support Band Wraps Securely Around The Leg.
All Straps Have Velcro Closures And Will Fit Emptiers From Other Companies.

Only !! $50.40 CAD Plus Shipping.

* Patent Pending

New Mini Emptier Molded Coil  

Here Is Our New Mini Emptier
Which Replaces Our Original Molded Mini.
This New Model Provides Increased Stability With A Metal Support Bracket For The Coil and Has A Redesigned Designed Coil.
This Model Will Mount Discreetly Using The Above Support Band Or Neatly On to Your Foot Support Plate.

Only !! $369.73 CAD Plus Shipping. For Our Basic Kit

Pinch Style Emptier 

pinch Style Emptier 

Here Is Our Our Pinch Style Emptier.
We Are Offering This Style In Our Regular Product Line.
As You Can See From The Above Picture, The Hose Is Being Pinched.
This Means That, During Normal Use, No Liquid Enters The Mechanical Parts,
And The Only Maintenance needed is A Daily Rinsing Out Of The Hose.
This Emptier Measures 25.4 mm (1.0 in) X 63.5 mm (2.5 in)